Neuronet: An Internet for Virtual Worlds

A nonprofit group says it plans to build a network called Neuronet purely to support virtual-reality game and business applications. Neuronet, which is planned to be separate from the Internet, “will evolve into the world’s first public network capable of meeting the data transmission requirements of emerging cinematic and immersive virtual-reality technologies,” according to a Thursday announcement from the Vancouver-based International Association of Virtual Reality Technologies. The first-generation Neuronet is scheduled to go live in 2007, the group said. Consumer applications are expected as early as 2009.

Read this article from C|Net, commentary from GigaOM and Ars as well as an official statement from the IAVRT (International Association of Virtual Reality Technologies)

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One response to “Neuronet: An Internet for Virtual Worlds

  1. Neuronet, sounds like something off of the Terminator films?

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