Visualizing world news minute by minute

Information is power, and in the hands of Jonathan Harris, it’s also art. Against the white background of his Web site 10×10, Harris has arranged a 10-by-10 grid of snapshots. The grid, which is wider than it is tall, is bordered on the right by 100 words so tiny that they’re barely legible. The effect is reminiscent of contemporary art, and as with all art, there’s more here than meets the eye.”It’s a shorthand view of the world,” says Harris, 25, of New York. “How do you encapsulate a single moment in time in an objective and rational way?”Harris’ program munches on news stories and serves up what it chooses as the 100 most important words used in online articles by the BBC World Edition, Reuters and New York Times International. Then the computer program attaches news images to represent those words, thus creating the grid. The images meld into an eye-pleasing, abstract metapicture. The list of words and associated images are updated once every hour.

Read this (republished) Chicago Tribune article about and similar articles from USA Today and Wired. Previously from WNM: Semantic Newscasting

Plus: Yahoo partners with Reuters on eyewitness pictures from ZDNet (via Reuters)

Yahoo, in partnership with Reuters, is inviting the public to contribute eyewitness photos and videos of news events, in the latest move to turn spectators into on-the-spot journalists. The Internet media company said it has created a news contribution system called “You Witness” and is working with news and information company Reuters Group, which will edit and distribute selected photos to other news outlets.


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