Lessig’s Matrix: Read-only, Read-write, Commercial, Sharing

Lessig’s Matrix

Now obviously, this is social space, not logical space, so the matrix does not describe everything. And indeed, the most interesting category I’m keen to explore are hybrids between commercial and sharing sites — plainly commercial organizations that try to exploit (in the best sense of that term) a sharing economy. The key to success with the hybrid is to exploit without poisoning the sharing community. Linux is the most familiar example of this: Sharing economy motives push many, perhaps most, to contribute; but plainly commercial entities (RedHat, IBM) are trying to exploit that sharing economy.

Contribute to Lawrence Lessig’s call to help categorize new media products along the read-only, read-write, commercial and/or sharing matrix.  Contribute your knowledge of Lawrence Lessig to the Whats New Media Wiki.


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