User generated content isn’t necessarily bad for “Old Media”

Traditional media companies are ideally placed to benefit from the explosion of user-generated content and should see it as an opportunity and not a threat even though the potential revenue is limited, a report says….The trend prompted headlines that the traditional media was losing sway with the consumer but Howard Davies, a director of media strategy at Deloitte, said print and TV had been wise to stand back and see how the practice developed. “(They) are very well positioned to adopt some of the technology and some of the emerging social practice … but incorporating it alongside traditional media channels to create an overall richer product,” he told Reuters.

Read this article from Reuters online. (Note: Reuters articles are time sensitive. I the previous link is no longer active you can open a pdf copy of the article.

Examples?: Media new and old merge at CBS from C|Net (1.9.07) and A revamped Yahoo turning to users from C|Net (12.6.06)


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