Scripted, but meant to look candid

“You know, they gave me a really great memo,” he says, waving the document, which advises him to highlight the importance of public education when addressing teachers. “I pay a lot of money for people who have the expertise to tell me this.” An unscripted moment caught on a cellphone camera? Not exactly. The video of the presidential candidate chatting on his plane is on Edwards’s Web site. The former senator seems unusually frank about the absurdities of political life — or is this just carefully choreographed candor, packaged for the YouTube age?

Read this article from the Washington Post with commentary from ZDNet.  (Previously from WNM: YouTube attack videos, Google Bombs, etc: Old punditry, new media tools )

I define brand-focused “user-involved” content as: Promotional fare “created” by “users” at the behest and direction of corporate brands and designed to support the marketing and communications missions of the sponsoring corporations.

Read Donna Bogatin’s ‘Branded Conversations’ frame social media in 2007 from ZDNet


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