Defining Robot Rights

If granted, countries would be obliged to provide social benefits including housing and even “robo-healthcare”, the report says…The 246 summary papers, called the Sigma and Delta scans, were complied by futures researchers, Outsights-Ipsos Mori partnership and the US-based Institute for the Future (IFTF)….The paper which addresses Robo-rights, titled Utopian dream or rise of the machines? examines the developments in artificial intelligence and how this may impact on law and politics. The paper says a “monumental shift” could occur if robots develop to the point where they can reproduce, improve themselves or develop artificial intelligence.

Read this article from the BBC (or a similar one from the Financial Times), the University of Indiana media release, I, Robot; You, Human, and commentary from ZDNet, MetaFilter and WIRED’s Gadget Lab.


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