Looking back, Looking ahead

2006 According to the Read/Write Web:

  • Undoubtedly 2006 has been the year of the social network.
  • RSS continues to inch towards the mainstream
  • 2006 was also the year that Web 2.0 got overhyped and the term is now generally accepted as just a marketing term, akin to Dot Com.
  • Localization really matters in Web space
  • More and more social web apps are coming into the enterprise (e.g. Skype, IM), and organizations are adopting read/write Web philosophies.
  • In particular, I’ve been tracking the trend of Web Office.
  • Widgets (mini web apps) were all the rage this year
  • Online video was hot, hot, hot this year!
  • VoIP space showed signs of hotting up.
  • Hybrid web/desktop apps (or as Read/WriteWeb termed it “webified desktop apps”) came into play a lot more this year.
  • World Internet Penetration is 16% and growing – Asia in particular is ramping up fast! Also noteworthy is that 3/4 of traffic to top websites is international.

These are a few selected bullets. For the complete list, plus detailed descriptions of each, visit the Read/Write Web

2007 According to the Read/Write Web:

  • RSS will go mainstream in a big way next year
  • The consumerization of the enterprise trend will start to infiltrate corporate IT
  • Rich Internet Apps will be a major force in 2007
  • Semantic Web products will come of age in 2007
  • 2007 will be about Search 2.0 and the rise of the vertical search engines.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Live services will gain real momentum next year
  • A growth in WebOS options
  • Open Source Desktops will continue to gain momentum in ’07
  • Internet-based TV will ramp up in 2007
  • P2P: It will get more accessible and we’ll probably see web based P2P interfaces.
  • Virtual worlds: SecondLife will become an important platform for marketing, promotion, and of course social networking – as people and businesses figure out different uses for it.
  • Virtual Money: Paypal showed the way, and we’re seeing more of it now – SecondLife LindeX, Microsoft points etc.
  • The online real estate market will grow rapidly in ’07.
  • Free consumer web apps still need to find a business model.
  • While social networks dominated 2006, we wonder if the amount of time an average user spends online will start to negatively impact on their social lives in 2007 and lead to a downturn.
  • International Web will finally start to get its due in mainstream media
  • One Laptop Per Child will create good buzz and may increase the adoption of thin-client like computers (internet and web apps dependent) and Linux for the mainstream.
  • Broadband continues to grow
  • VoIP space will really hot up.
  • Mobile Web may be the big story of 2007

Read the complete list, plus descriptions (plus web survey results of “What will be big in ’07) from the Read/Write Web


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