The ethics of replaying dark events

I barrel into the Columbine High School cafeteria, pull down the fire alarm, and the kids erupt into chaos. Then I pull out my Savage-Springfield 12-gauge pump-action, which I’ve sawed off to 26 inches for maximum lethality. A jock stumbles across my path: With one blast, he lies dead on the floor. “This is what we’ve always wanted to do!” hollers my fellow killer, Dylan Klebold. “This is awesome!”The I in these previous paragraphs is, of course, Eric Harris — one of the two infamous teenage shooters in the Columbine High School shootings of 1999. I’m playing one of the most controversial games in existence right now: Super Columbine Massacre RPG!, a homebrew role-playing game that puts you in Harris’ shoes.

Read I, Columbine Killer from WIRED. Reaction from the Washington Post and criticism from PC World. Plus, reaction from Columbine survivor Richard Castaldo and a TV interview with the game’s creator Daniele Ledonne.

UpdateShoot to Kill, Shoot to Thrill from WIRED (2.1.07)


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