An interview with virtual communities pioneer Howard Rheingold

I hang out online, a lot. One thing that most people don’t notice is that nine months of the year, when I am hanging out online, I am also barefoot in my garden. About 20 years ago, I wrote “A slice of life in my virtual community,” and I have been working on updating that. So I am climbing the learning curve and putting together a video. I e-mail, IM, the usual. I also have about 100 feeds in my RSS reader. I maintain three blogs, a couple wikis, and I stash URLs in Delicious. I still hang out in virtual communities, and after teaching myself video, the next on my list is learning my way around Second Life. And now I teach one day a week. Fall at UC Berkeley, winter at Stanford. I do a week as a visiting lecturer in the UK in the fall. And I pay my rent mostly through speaking gigs.

Read this interview with Howard Rheingold at C|Net and contribute to the Howard Rheingold article at the Whats New Media Wiki.


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