Storytelling, Commentary in gaming’s future

Ian Bogost takes some of the fun out of video games – and replaces it with opinion. The Georgia Institute of Technology professor creates games – or “playable editorial cartoons,” as he calls them – that are packed with political messages…Just as the documentary developed as a potent force within the film industry, Bogost is among a growing number of designers who develop video games that focus and comment on the world’s social and political ills.”I’m not against fun. I like to play the same video games everyone else does. But I don’t believe that video games have to be fun,” Bogost said. “I think they need to be given the opportunity to bother and disturb us.”

Read this article from WIRED. Also from WIRED’s Game|Life blog, We Don’t Play Games for Fun

Imagine a Sundance Video Game Festival, an event that might showcase new work from some of the world’s best independent game makers. Such an idea is not a stretch to video game makers who view themselves much like the independent filmmaking pioneers of decades ago–innovators whose work led the creation of the annual Sundance Film Festival taking place here.

The young, but fast-growing independent video game industry–which has been offering new genres, including documentary, casual and serious games–was the focus of a panel discussion Saturday for filmmakers interested in exploring the evolving video game medium. The enthusiastic panelists, comprised of both indie game community members and those watching them, concluded that the movement is not only radically changing the gaming industry; it’s changing the way in which people perceive the world.

Read this article from C|Net

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