Cybercrime pays: The profits and proliferation of web crime

What’s perhaps most concerning about this report is Finjan’s contention that hackers nowadays are focusing a lot on web-based infection techniques – and that a commercial market has evolved around this. Whereas in the ‘old days’ the motive of hackers was to gain fame, today it is all about the money. Indeed Finjan says that commercialization of malicious code was the most significant trend in the web security arena during 2006.

Read Hacking 2.0: Today’s Hackers Target Web, For Money from the Read/Write Web. On topic: Cyber criminals move focus to web and Criminals ‘may overwhelm the web’ from the BBC and Net pioneer predicts overwhelming botnet surge from C|Net. Plus, a ‘threatlist‘ from ZDNet and news of the biggest online heist ever.


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