Presidential campaigns seek to harnass the power of web-video without getting burned. Good luck.

The two men handle communications for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s presidential exploratory committee and had been told about a video flying around the Internet that spliced clips from Romney’s 1994 debate with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.). In it, Romney (R), then running for the Senate in a losing campaign against Kennedy, voiced support for abortion rights and gay rights — positions he has since renounced. Romney’s political inner circle, alerted to the threat, decided to strike back quickly. Less than eight hours after the attack appeared, a video of Romney rebutting the charges was being sent to his supporters and to Republican blogs.

“In a viral information age, a distortion of the record can quickly sink in as fact,” Madden said. “It was very important to show that what was an anonymous attack eventually became a moment of strength for our campaign.”

From the Washington Post’s On the Electronic Campaign Trail, commentary from ZDNet

Several candidates began their campaigns this winter with kickoffs geared entirely toward new media. In late December, Mr. Edwards appeared from New Orleans in a campaign video from YouTube announcing his presidential candidacy, and also appeared that week on Webcasts from Iowa and New Hampshire. Soon afterward, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and Mrs. Clinton announced their own bids for the White House in taped video messages on their Web sites.

From the New York Times’ To ’08 Hopefuls, Media Technology Can Be Friend or Foe, (free login req’d)

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    Steve O’Hear, ZDNet

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