No Open Source CEOs, no problems

The history of computing is the history of entrepreneurs. (Pictures from Wikipedia.) Thomas J. Watson. Ken Olsen. Ray Noorda. Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Michael Dell. Each one had a unique vision for what computing should be. Each implanted that vision into a corporate culture. But all those cultures had enormous trouble after the founder passed the baton….Open source does not have any big time entrepreneurs. Its visionaries, like Linus Torvalds, Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman, sit outside the corporate culture. Open source is not designed to create kingdoms, but democracies.So open source does not have the succession problem that bedevils the rest of tech.

Read Dana Blankenhorn’s The succession problem and open source from ZDNet


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One response to “No Open Source CEOs, no problems

  1. What about the major players who backed this open source move back in the early days. Names like Robert (Bob “Red Hat”) Young, Marc Fleury, Miguel de Icasa, Ransom Love, Richard Seibt, Marten Mickos, etc.

    The list of true entrepeneurs in Open Source is actually amazing. The fact that these guys have moved on to new things is moot.

    Consider the former CEO of VA Linux, Larry Augustin, who is now in the VC game (as is Bob Young I believe). These guys now are making the market, not just leading it.


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