You open-source commie pinko!

Cuba’s communist government is trying to shake off the yoke of at least one capitalist empire – Microsoft Corp. – by joining with socialist Venezuela in converting its computers to open-source software. Both governments say they are trying to wean state agencies from Microsoft’s proprietary Windows to the open-source Linux operating system, which is developed by a global community of programmers who freely share their code. “It’s basically a problem of technological sovereignty, a problem of ideology,” said Hector Rodriguez, who oversees a Cuban university department of 1,000 students dedicated to developing open-source programs.

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2 responses to “You open-source commie pinko!

  1. Copyright laws violate basic morality. What a powerful thought to bring up. What a simple view that will likely get played down by the people it was aimed at.

    “some new modern-day sort of communists” … is this like randomly calling people you disagree with “nazis”? It’s quite a statement, calling up too many bad historical events to be ignored.

    It’s easy to lose sight of what Corporate Monstahs like MS have done to the rest of the world. Open Source is the way to go, baby.

  2. mace

    So someone decided to post a comment on my blog a YEAR LATER saying “fuck you, you open source commie”? Thanks!

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