You’ve got mail…and so do they

This week, NOW reports on new evidence suggesting the existence of a secret government program that intercepts millions of private e-mails each day in the name of terrorist surveillance. News about the alleged program came to light when a former AT&T employee, Mark Klein, blew the whistle on what he believes to be a large-scale installation of secret Internet monitoring equipment deep inside AT&T’s San Francisco office. The equipment, he contends, was created at the request of the U.S. government to spy on e-mail traffic across the entire Internet. Though the government and AT&T refuse to address the issue directly, Klein backs up his charges with internal company documents and personal photos.

More (including video) from the PBS program NOW. Discussion at MetaFilter. Previously from WNM: Digital surveillance systems: We (may) reap what we sow; Judge rules the NSA phone and Internet surveillance unconstitutional; Don’t ask, don’t email. A Pentagon email surveillance program.; The Surveillance Society


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