Does the attention economy create an attention crises?

Things get more interesting when we realize that our attention crisis is not only our problem. It is also a big problem for news sites, blogs, search engines and online retailers. Our scarcity of attention hurts their economics. The web sites that contain content relevant to us have a big incentive to make sure that we find it. Consider this scenario. You navigate to a news site and start reading the headlines. What is the likelihood that you leave if you see an irrelevant headline? High. Another example. You go to Netflix and look at movie recommendations. What is the likelihood that you will stop browsing after Netflix shows you a movie you do not like? Again, very high.

Read The Attention Economy: An Overview from the Read/Write Web. Previously from WNM: Goldhaber’s “Attention Economy,” Attention Analytics, RSS pattern recognition and Lessig describes the “Economies of Culture”

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