(Re)Defining normal through the Inernet lens

I wonder if one reason people are so wary of the intersection of sex and the internet is that it exposes us so completely. It’s the flip side of what many of us point to as one of the internet’s great strengths — we discover we are not alone in our desires, finding community and connection even as we learn more about ourselves…We’re learning that our behavior does not match what our culture tells us is “right” or “moral.” And we’re having a hard time accepting that our behavior has changed only to the extent that technology makes it easier to break the rules, and makes rule-breaking more accessible to larger numbers of people….Now, our sexual behavior is documented and searchable and potentially duplicated for all the world (and our loved ones) to see. Given the potential for our online explorations to be misunderstood, taken out of context, used against us, published by accident or design and otherwise warped, it’s sort of amazing that millions of us do it anyway.

Read The Internet Makes Us Naked from WIRED


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Filed under Anonymity, Connection/Isolation, Technology, our Mirror, Virtual Communities

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