Broadband via Airwaves

A coalition of big technology companies wants to bring high-speed Internet access to consumers in a new way: over television airwaves. Key to the project is whether a device scheduled to be delivered to federal labs today lives up to its promise. The coalition, which includes Microsoft and Google, wants regulators to allow idle TV channels, known as white space, to be used to beam the Internet into homes and offices. But the Federal Communications Commission first must be convinced that such traffic would not bleed outside its designated channels and interfere with existing broadcasts….Some said a new Internet provider might force the older companies to drop prices. Others said the available white-space spectrum might be too limited to make much of an impact. Wireless carriers said they were not afraid of new rivals. “The wireless industry was born in a competitive environment,” said Jeffrey Nelson, a Verizon Wireless spokesman, playing down the risk to his company. AT&T said in a statement that FCC rules “should protect not only current TV band incumbents from interference but also those services that will be introduced into adjacent spectrum” in the future.

Read this article from the Washington Post. Commentary from ZDNet. Previously from WNM: First phone, then cable, now “Net over power lines”

Update: Insight and commentary from I, Cringely.


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