The inevitable billion dollar YouTube lawsuit

The lawsuit seeks massive damages from YouTube for what Viacom terms its “brazen disregard of the intellectual property laws.” According to the complaint, Viacom has managed to identify 150,000 of its clips on the service; in total, these clips have been viewed an “astounding” 1.5 billion times. That might sound like incredible free publicity for Viacom, but the company sees it instead as deliberate copyright infringement. Viacom is outraged at having to file “takedown” notices for every single clip, just to see clips of the same material appear again on the site, often the same day.

More from Ars, the BBC, C|Net, WIRED and a bevy of comments from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin, Alan Graham and Dan Farber & Larry Dignan. More links from the Benton Foundation and perspective from Lawrence Lessig.

Plus, insight into a motion-filter technology helping media companies recognize their videos on YouTube.

Previously from WNM: GooTube keeps it (as) legal (as possible), The YouTube Menace and Beachcombing for Copyright Violations


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