Web politics superpost

Yes, the Internet is no longer just a political playground

  • Web becomes source – not outlet – for news from the USA Today
  • 2008: The Year of President 2.0? from ZDNet’s Between the Lines
  • A Wide-Open Web for the ’08 Campaign from the Washington Post
  • In ’08 Race, Web Tactics Are Even More Integral from the Wall Street Journal (free subscription required)
  • The political power of the network from the BBC Online
  • Politicians fall behind in online race from Reuters
  • Hillary Clinton, Democrats lead Republicans in Web race to the White House from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Uploading for votes

  • On the Electronic Campaign Trail from the Washington Post
  • Packet Politics from the Wall Street Journal (free subscription required)
  • A Brave New World of Political Skulduggery? from the Washington Post
  • Obama supporter owns up to video from the San Francisco Chronicle
  • YouTube launches interactive forum for ’08 candidates from The Hill
  • Presidential debates to go online in 2008: will it matter? from Ars Technica
  • YouTube: Must see TV? ‘User Generated Politics’ presidential campaign 2008 from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Blogging for votes

  • Candidates Find A New Stump In the Blogosphere from the Wall Street Journal (free subscription required)
  • The messy relationship between bloggers and politicians from the Christian Science Monitor
  • New lobbying bill to criminalize political bloggers? from Ars Technica
  • Virtual vote getting

  • Politics seeps into Second Life’s online metaverse from the AP (via Katu.com an ABC affiliate in Portlad, OR)
  • Avatar Politics: The Social Applications of Second Life (pdf) from the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet
  • Giuliani Campaign Dances Into Second Life from the Second Life Herald
  • Presidential candidates to appear on YouTube from News.com
  • John Edwards’ campaign enters Second Life from ZDNet’s Steve O’Hear
  • Second Life political dirty tricks? Edwards campaign cries foul from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Second Life griefers claim responsibility for Edwards vandalism from News.com
  • Hillary Clinton goes viral: Be my citizen co-sponsor, please! from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Social Networking for votes

  • Running for president? Quick, build an online network from the Los Angeles Times
  • Grass Roots Planted In Cyberspace from the Washington Post
  • Joe Biden has 226 MySpace friends: Can he connect? from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Barack Obama launches social network from ZDNet’s Steve O’Hear
  • Howard Dean 2.0: Obama Engages Youth on the Web from Alternet
  • John McCain announces McCain Space! Republican ‘User Generated Politics’ campaign 2008 from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • John Edwards: Be my MySpace pal! from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Obama trouncing Clinton in MySpace race from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Bonus coverage

  • Hillary Clinton trumps Barack Obama, on eBay! from ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin
  • Digg, a political snapshot from ZDNet’s Steve O’Hear
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