Digg vs it’s users vs DRM

A submission on Digg which contained the recently uncovered encryption key for HD DVD discs was removed yesterday by the site’s admins after the site was served with a DMCA takedown notice, according to Digg CEO Jay Adelson. Such takedown notices are not uncommon….The futility of the AACS’ actions was demonstrated last night when Digg was hit with a barrage of submissions containing the forbidden key. For a few hours, Digg’s front page consisted of little more than a succession of links to the hexadecimal HD DVD key. After several hours, Digg cofounder Kevin Rose said that the site had received the message loud and clear, pledging that Digg would no longer kill stories and comments containing the key.

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from Ars Technica with additional coverage from the BBC, News.com, C|Net’s news blog and WIRED (an interview with Digg CEO Jay Adelson abou the takedown notice and user uprising).

Commentary from ZDNet’s Between the Lines and John Carroll as well as MetaFilter (twice) and Digg itself.

Humor courtesy of I Can Has Cheezburger? and Paleo-Future.

Previously from WNM: Social site fighting its users to curb promotional efforts, vandalism


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