Digg vs it’s users vs DRM (II)

In a blog post Tuesday afternoon, Digg CEO Jay Adelson wrote that the company was pulling down a number of news stories pertaining to a cracked HD DVD encryption key that could circumvent the digital rights management (DRM) restrictions on the media discs….Its user base, notoriously opinionated and used to a community-run atmosphere with very little editorial control, revolted. “The Digg community is one that loves to have their voice heard, and this has been something that struck a chord with them,” Rose said. Members rebelled against what they saw as unnecessary censorship, flooding the site with submissions and comments containing the cracked key to the point where not a single one of Digg’s top-ranked technology stories didn’t pertain to the issue. And it reached beyond Digg, too. The HD DVD key made appearances in numerous blog and forum posts, Twitter messages and Photoshopped images all over the Internet.

Read this item from C|Net, with more coverage from the BBC (including reaction from a pro-DRM group) and the Christian Science Monitor. Reaction from AACS – Advanced Access Content System). Reaction and commentary from the Read/Write Web as well as ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin and Dana Blankenthorn.

Previously from WNM: Digg vs it’s users vs DRM


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