Maybe the utlimate question…are we any better off?

We spend hours keeping up with our e-mails. One person tells me, “I look at my watch to see the time. I look at my BlackBerry to get a sense of my life.” Think of the BlackBerry user watching the BlackBerry movie of his life as someone watching a movie that takes on a life of its own. People become alienated from their own experience and anxious about watching a version of their lives scrolling along faster than they can handle. They are not able to keep up with the unedited version of their lives, but they are responsible for it. People speak of BlackBerry addiction. Yet in modern life we have been made into self-disciplined souls who mind the rules, the time, our tasks. Always-on/always-on-you technology takes the job of self-monitoring to a new level.

Read Sherry Turkle’s Can You Hear Me Now? from Contribute your knowledge of Sherry Turkle to the Whats New Media Wiki.



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