Mark Hurst’s Bit Literacy, parsing the uber-clogged inbox

Bits are appearing everywhere today, and people are feeling the strain. E-mail traffic has increased, computers and other devices have proliferated, new acronyms and technology terms have invaded our speech, and many people can sense that there’s a problem. It’s all too much. “Information overload” is discussed at the water cooler, bemoaned in the press. The global economy is full of overloaded workers who are more weighed down, less productive, and ultimately less happy as human beings because of too many bits, and no solution for dealing with them. From CEOs to schoolteachers, designers to doctors, students to retirees, millions of people around the globe have an immediate need to solve their bit overload.

Quote from Mark Hurst’s Bit Literacy with commentary from 37Signals. Please contribute your knowledge of Bit Literacy to the Whats New Media Wiki.

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