Twitting…wait Twitt-er-ing. Sorry.

For one, what is up with this obsession the Twitter generation has with expressing itself and monitoring each others’ lives? I don’t understand the need to spew out personal information and random thoughts to the world. And that’s just what Twitter is designed for: to be a medium through which you can share stream-of-conscious babblings with your friends and with anyone who has time to lurk on the Web site and read inane musings of strangers.

The Case Against Twitter by C|Net’s Elinor Mills

The beauty of Twitter is that, unlike a full-out blog, there’s no obligation to be philosophical, thought-provoking or grammatically sound. Because it doesn’t require that kind of extra effort, it’s great for people like me who want to jump on the social-media bandwagon but don’t have the time to set up something elaborate on WordPress. And unlike social-networking profiles like those on Facebook and MySpace, it’s free-form.

In Defense of Twitter by C|Net’s Caroline McCarthy


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