Cyberwar: our future or our now?

Despite their nation’s small size, Estonia’s 1.4 million people represent one of the most wired populations in the world. The country’s parliament actually declared Internet access to be a basic human right. Unlike the United States, which seems congenitally unable to resolve the mystery of e-voting, Estonia has been using the Internet to elect representatives since 2005….”It’s taken cyberprotest to the next level,” Denning said. “It can happen here or to any country where people are unhappy. These were serious attacks which lasted a long time. And it proves you need defenses.” She’s absolutely right, but so far, cybersecurity remains honored more in the breach than in the observance by the federal government. For all its exhortations to beef up homeland security, the Bush administration still considers this a side show compared with more pressing geopolitical issues. Maybe so, but they’re kidding themselves if they don’t think that this chicken is one day going to come home to roost.

Read Coming attractions for history’s first cyberwar from C|Net’s Charles Cooper. Previously from WNM: The first state sponsored Cyberwar. Maybe.


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