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“Yahoo is dismayed that citizens in China have been imprisoned for expressing their political views on the Internet,” Yahoo said in a statement faxed to the Associated Press. The company went on to deplore “punishment of any activity internationally recognized as free expression.”…Not that the declaration changes anything; Yahoo plans to keep turning over information when required to do so by the Chinese government. Any sort of “principled stand” made by the American bosses of the company could easily put Yahoo’s Chinese staff in legal jeopardy of their own, and pulling out of China is not an option Yahoo is willing to contemplate.

Read Yahoo condemns Chinese repression, continues to aid it and Yahoo shareholders reject anti-censorship proposals from Ars Technica. Previously from WNM: Yahoo gets sued for turning email info over to the Chinese, The Complicity Question. Google, Yahoo, etc and China and Yahoo Punished for China Policy.


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