Food bloggers terrorize gourmands

Ten years ago, in dining destinations like San Francisco, Chicago and New York, restaurant critics at newspapers and magazines reigned supreme as the final arbiters of who served up the richest foie gras, the most interesting wine list and the overall best dining experience. That was then. Today, foie gras is practically illegal, if not politically incorrect, sommeliers have been replaced with brew masters and computer screens have become the go-to source for what’s what on the dining scene. With nothing more than a keyboard, a camera phone and a lot of opinions, a group of bloggers — often not professional writers — are revolutionizing restaurant reviewing one post at a time and the movement has some chefs and restauranteurs angrily realizing that the only credential required to publicly flog even the most well-established hot spot is a high-speed Internet connection.

Read this item from ABC News and Food bloggers dish up plates of spicy criticism from the San Francisco Chronicle. Commentary at Metafilter. Previously from WNM: Rise of the Amateur class, II


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