1/3rd of kids online get cyberbullied

The most common form of bullying reported by teens online involves another person publicizing a private e-mail, instant message or text message, according to a study released Wednesday from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Fifteen percent of teens surveyed said that they had experienced the embarrassment of having a private communication posted publicly online or forwarded to a third party. Other types of harassment include someone spreading a rumor or posting an embarrassing photo on the Web, as well as someone sending a threatening or aggressive e-mail, IM or text message, the report found.

Read this item from C|Net and visit the Pew Internet & American Life Project to see the report Cyberbullying and Online Teens. On topic: What constitutes cyberbullying? A case study from the trenches from Ars and MySpace, Cyberbullies, And The Law from Rogerd’s Notebook.

Previously from WNM: Are Cyberbullies criminals? and Stealing your Cybermilk Money


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