The Death of Print; the Birth of an all-digital newspaper…but when?

Which major American newspaper should be the first to throw up its hands and stop publishing a print product? It’s a question worth asking. This could be the worst year for newspapers since the Great Depression. The double-digit revenue declines long forecast by doomsters have arrived. While nearly all the major papers still post profits, albeit smaller than before, a few prominent ones are losing boatloads…WHEN, EXACTLY, do you junk something that no longer works? And which major paper should go first—not today, but within the next 18 or 24 months?

Read Jon Fine’s When Do You Stop The Presses? from Business Week. Previously from WNM: Long, slow decline of the paper newspaper, Curling up with the Sunday (all digital) New York Times? and Teach your dog to fetch the digital newspaper.

On topic: Young Adults Are Giving Newspapers Scant Notice from the New York Times and A Handwritten Daily Paper in India Faces the Digital Future from WIRED


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