What’s New Media is a project I began while a student in DePaul University’s New Media Studies program. It was born January 3rd, 2006.

It is designed to be a valuable resource for students and faculty across a variety of new media themed courses and programs emerging within colleges and universities around the planet. Entries on the site are intended to highlight articles, papers, announcements, etc that highlight some aspect of new media, and specifically what is “new” about it. Commentary is exceedingly rare, as my goal is simply to aggregate a number of interesting sources for new media themed content, link to them, combine them, etc..

The blog currently averages almost 4,000 readers per month, and within the next year, I plan to turn the blog into a more community-oriented website; one that will encourage your participation and include content you find relevant.

This blog is a sister project to the Whats New Media Wiki, which all guests and visitors are encouraged to contribute to. Faculty and students from DePaul, Stanford University, New York University and the University of Amsterdam have used the wiki as a tool to teach new media students about collaborative writing, as well as a resource to learn more about people, concepts and readings considered fundamental to the field.

If you have questions, or are interested in participating in the project, you can reach me at matthew (at) whatsnewmedia dot org.

Matthew Green


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  1. Matthew,

    Since you are interested in new media, I thought I would give you a shout about TheIssue.com. Culling from the best of the blog-o-sphere, The Issue is devoted to sharing and publishing unique, insightful articles on the issues in the news. Whether it’s the uprising in Kenya, FARC’s hostage release, or the controversy surrounding corn ethanol, The Issue strives to provide informative, non-bias coverage of important issues. One of the greatest things about new media is how the public is able to get up-to-minute coverage about nearly anything in the world. The Issue works as a filter of sorts, scouring the internet for the most insightful commentary, without taking sides, merely fleshing out questions and letting the reader make a stance by themselves.

    We’d love for you to check out The Issue and let us know what you think.

    The Issue | http://www.TheIssue.com

  2. Hello Matthew,

    I’m reaching out to people who are active in fighting to protect the integrity of the internet, and I recently discovered What’s New Media. Just wanted to suggest that you take a look at The Point (www.thepoint.com) as a potential way to organize people to take action to protect net neutrality.

    The Point is a collective action platform where you can do everything from planning a house party to bringing a multi-national corporation to its knees. We use a “tipping point” model, where participants only act when enough people join to ensure that everyone’s collective action will succeed in forcing a change. Because people know they’ll only have to commit their time or donation when a campaign’s tipping point is reached, a broader range of people are more likely to join your cause: from the most committed person in your neighborhood to the casually interested person in another state. In light of recent news, you might consider starting a campaign where people pledge to cancel their contract with AT&T unless AT&T guarantees they won’t filter copyrighted content. Click here to see an example of a campaign.

    Starting a campaign is free and easy, and you can feel free to contact me if you want to shoot around ideas about possible campaigns.

    Aaron With

    The Point
    600 W Chicago Ave
    Suite 830
    Chicago, IL 60610

    Email: aaron@thepoint.com
    Office: 312.676.4535
    Fax: 312.676.2728
    Web: http://www.thepoint.com
    Blog: http://blog.thepoint.com

    The Point — People Solving Problems

  3. Hi Matthew,

    fresh ideas!! I have been trying to talk about this stuff with someone. Good to hear this! I started this blog at this site about indie bands and making money. Right now I am working on a marketing research project for school asking some of the questions you have on your blog about making money and indie music. Let’s blog!! :


    I think they could use some of your input. Awesome site you have here!!!


  4. Niki

    Great Blog! Lots of information.. I am really a lay person when it comes to “New Media”. I think it would be beneficial to people like me and the realm New Media if you provided a more elaborate definition of New Media on the ‘about’ page or the ‘home’ page…The current definition left me searching for more. Nevertheless, great information resources and blog entries! Good Luck!

  5. This blog has some really great content- I would love to see it revived, and maybe even contribute to it from by background in Science, Tech & Society studies. Any chance of that?

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