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What’s new if new is cliche

This article reports on Web 2.0, the end of cyberspace, and the internet of things. It proposes that these concepts have synergies both with the current fashion for modifying physical objects with the features of virtual objects, as evidenced in O’Reilly’s MAKE magazine and similar projects, and with the potential technologies for collective intelligence described by Bruce Sterling, Adam Greenfield, Julian Bleecker and others. It considers Alex Pang’s research on the end of cyberspace and asks whether the ‘new’ of new media writing will have any meaning in a world that is updated by the microsecond every time there is fresh activity in the system.

Description for Sue Thomas’ The End of Cyberspace and Other Surprises from the Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies (2006)


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Apps wanted to power virtual business efforts

Experts from IBM and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology universally agreed on Friday that there’s great potential for virtual worlds, also referred to as the 3D Internet. But for now, a dearth of applications is keeping these virtual worlds’ appeal limited to early adopters, they said….IBM hosted an event at MIT’s Media Lab to explore the potential of virtual worlds for use in business. Already, the company is experimenting with ways to use 3D interfaces and virtual environments to improve company meetings, help training and education, and simulate business tasks, such as fixing a data center or streamlining a business process.

Read this item from C|Net

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Avatars: The way we see ourselves

The New York Times Magazine offers a glimpse of a few virtual world inhabitants as the camera sees them, and as they see themselves.

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Virtual Law Enforcement, Virtual Sociology, Virtual Reality

“How does the human identity change now that we’re digital?” said Assistant Professor Jeremy Bailenson, director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford. Virtual reality technology isn’t new. Some of the first high-tech virtual reality systems were aircraft simulators before World War II. But Bailenson is one of the pioneers examining how people behave socially when they’re immersed in virtual reality. And some of his team’s findings are compelling.

Read this article from the San Francisco Chronicle with commentary from ZDNet’s Roland Piquepaille

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“Rollback” recreates synchronicity in virtual connections

Their system employs peer-to-peer networking, meaning it communicates without the need for a central server. This is faster since the software used by each haptic device does not have to wait for a response from the server when a movement is made.

Crucially, it also uses a technique dubbed “rollback” to deal with communication delays. When a delayed message is received, the software calculates how things would have turned out if it had arrived on time. It then alters the virtual world as subtly as possible so that these effects are expressed in the “true”, real-time situation.

Read this item from New Scientist

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Actors, both virtual and ‘real’ share the stage

In a theatrical first, actors working in real time from remote locations recently were beamed onto a stage where they performed with live, in the flesh actors for an audience that experienced one seamless, three-dimensional show, according to the University of Central Florida….”We are not talking about holograms yet or the kind of imagery that requires funky glasses,” UCF professor John Shafer, a member of the cast, told Discovery News. “(But) what we have done for this production has indeed pushed the envelope significantly. The production is a small historical step forward on several levels.”

Read Virtual and Live Actors Join on Stage from Discovery News plus a description of the enabling technology from New Scientist.

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Virtual Worlds an “unstoppable phenomenon”

“Success (in the future) will depend on how well you play the game, literally,” Doug McDavid, executive research consultant at IBM’s Academy of Technology, said here Monday night at an event titled “Virtual Worlds: Ready, Fire, Aim.”

“A generation (has) lived in these environments, and they’ll bring that perspective into the workplace. How this plays out is in the integration of work with this playful perspective,” McDavid said. He added: “This is an unstoppable phenomenon.”

Read this article from C|Net. Also from C|Net, IBM breaks ground in Second Life.   Previously from WNM: Blogging for (corporate) bucks, (When) Playing Games at work (benefits the company) and A Second Life; a lot like the first

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