A community page for new media students & educators to share syllabi, readings and papers. Below you will find a reading list culled from the syllabi of instructors whose materials have been added to CourseShare, and below that, a list of specific syllabi collected.

If you teach a new media themed course, and would like to add your required readings to this list, please send your syllabus / syllabi to matthew (at) whatsnewmedia dot org.

*The Center for History and New Media offers a Syllabus Finder, a good tool for (as they name would suggest) finding syllabi by keyword.

Reading List: (Alphabetical by Author)
*[#] denotes a link to the syllabus page containing that reading
** {W} denotes a link to a Wiki article about this source. Please review / contribute.

Aarseth, Espen:
Nonlinearity and Literary Theory [1]{W}

Agre, Philip: {W}
Surveillance and Capture [1]{W}

Arnold, Matthew:
Culture and Anarchy and Other Writings [1]

Arquilla, John:{W}
The Advent of Netwar [1]{W}

Barabási, Albert-László:{W}
Linked [1]{W}

Black, Michael:
Connecting Brains with Machines [1]

Boden, Margaret: (editor)
The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence [1]

Braun, Kelly:
Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself [1]

Brooks, Rodney:
Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us [1]

Burnett, Rob:
Web Theory [1]{W}

Bush, Vannevar:{W}
As We May Think [1]{W}

Caillois, Roger:
The Definition of Play” and “The Classification of Games [1]

Chorost, Michael:
Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human [1]

Consalvo, Mia:
Hot Dates & Fairy-Tale Romances [1]

Craig, Richard:
Online Journalism: Reporting, Writing, and Editing for New Media [1]

Coupland, Douglas:
Microserfs [1]

Dean, Tom:
Talking with Computers [1]

Deleuze, Gilles:
Postscript on Control Societies [1]

Dibble, Julian:
A Rape in Cyberspace [1]{W}

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus:{W}
Constituents of a Theory of the Media [1]{W}

Fidler, Roger:
Mediamorphosis: Understanding New Media [1]

Filiciak, Miroslaw:
Hyperidentities [1]

Fukuyama, Francis:
Our Posthuman Future [1]

Gillmor, Dan:
We the Media [1]

Griffith, Robert:
Un-Tangling the Web of Cold War Studies; or, How One Historian Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Internet

Haraway, Donna:
A Cyborg Manifesto [1]{W}

Hayles, N. Katherine:
How We Became Post-Human [1]

Howells, Sacha:
Watching a Game, Playing a Movie [1]

Kurzweil, Ray:
The Age of Spiritual Machines [1]

Lasica, J.D.:
Blogging as Journalism [1]

Lessig, Lawrence:{W}
Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Future of Ideas [1] [2] [3]{W}

Lyotard, Jean-Francois:
The Postmodern Condition [1]

Mack, Arien:
Technology and the Rest of Culture [1]

Mackay, Hugh:
Consuming Communication Technology [1]

Mactavish, Andrew:
Technological Pleasure [1]

Manovich, Lev:{W}
Language of New Media [1]{W}
What is New Media? [1]

Marshall, David:
Web Theory [1]

McChesney, Robert:
Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media [1]

McLuhan, Marshall:
(The) Playboy Interview [1]
Understanding Media [1]

Meyrowitz, Joshua:
Images of Media [1]
Medium Theory [1]
No Sense of Place [1]

Moravec, Hans:
Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind [1]

Murray, Janet:
From Additive to Expressive Form [1]
Hamlet on the Holodeck [1]

Nakamura, Lisa:
Menu-Driven Identities: Making Race Happen Online [1]

Nichols, John:
Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media [1]

Ong, Walter:
Writing is a Technology [1]

Postman, Neil:
Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology [1]

Powers, Richard:
Galatea 2.2 [1]

Ronfeldt, David:{W}
The Advent of Netwar [1]{W}

Staley, David:
Computers, Visualization, and the Representation of History [1]

Stephenson, Neal:
In the Beginning was the Command Line [1]

Stern, Susannah:
Sexual Selves on the WWW [1]

Turing, Alan:
Computing Machinery and Intelligence [1]

Turkle, Sherry:
Life on the Screen [1]

Wiener, Norbert:
Men, Machines, and the World About [1]

Wolf, Mark:
The Medium of the Video Game [1]


List of Syllabi:
*Alphabetical by Professor’s Last Name

Roger Blumberg’s Computers and Human Values (added May 29, 2006)

Richard Criag’s New Media Technologies (added May 30, 2006)

Alexander R. Galloway’s Introduction to Digital Media (added May 28, 2006)

Jason Mittell’s Media Technology & Cultural Change (added May 31, 2006)

Andrew Russell’s Images of Culture: Technology, Media and American Memory (added June 1, 2006)


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